Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Best Winter Camping Lanterns

If you are looking for the best winter camping lanterns, I can recommend a couple of camping lanterns for your winter camping trip. The first camping lantern is the Coleman Northstar Lantern which comes with a case and the second camping lantern is the Coleman Footed Propane lantern. Both lanterns are a great light source. So let’s discuss them further in this camping lantern review.

The Coleman NorthStar Lantern with Case retails for about $99.99. It has an easy to use InstaStart ignition which you don’t need matches or a lighter to start up the lantern. It comes with a fully adjustable light output and strong durable collar. Other handy features include the Perfect Flow propane pressure control system, a 16.4 ox propane cylinder which is sold separately and will last up to five and a half hours on high and 11 hours on low. The propane cylinder is sold separately. On first start up, you have to “prime” it to get the propane running but runs like a charm. A base for the propane cylinder and the protective polyethylene case which is a great addition to the lantern comes with the camping lantern.

Use the Coleman NorthStar lantern for camping trips, it’s a quality lantern, scores high among customers for durability and ease of use. I highly recommend this camping lantern.

For a little less money, the Coleman Footed Propane lantern retails at about $59.99. It’s a perfect camping lantern for your winter camping trip. On a low setting, it operates with hardly a sound and lasts up to 14 hours. You can regulate the brightness. It has a collar which voers the fuel valve and as its name suggests, has a stable base with foldable feet for compact storage.

It’s a great lamp source for your camping setting. Campers who have bought this camping lantern would agree and have said the light from the Coleman Footed Propane lantern spreads about 600 square feet around a camp site – so an excellent light source. However, using it at a lower setting will make it last a lot longer. For quality and durability, this camping lantern gets a five star rating for quality, ease of use, brightness and durability. If you want, you can hang it from a tree nearby to keep the bugs away. As far as camping lanterns go, this lantern is a great investment for your collection of camping equipment.

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